Bangladesh Police Women Network an organization dedicated to expanding the prospect for women police in profession through networking and leadership. With the employment of 14 women in Bangladesh Police, women police commenced its activities in 1974. At present they are working with enthusiasm in all police units in different capacities including operational and administrative role.

Journey of BPWN

Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is the glaring symbol of women empowerment in Bangladesh and the leading light for women police to overcome challenges with commitment and dedication both nationally and internationally.

Endeavour of Bangladesh Police paved the way of BPWN to start it's journey back in 2008 in assistance with Police Reform Program. BPWN aims to provide leadership for achieving national and global objective for women’s development through capacity building and professional skill development of women police.

An executive committee consisting of 33 members of different ranks of Bangladesh is working to execute the activities of BPWN. Inspector General of Bangladesh Police is the chief patron of BPWN.

Speech of BPWN President on Gender Responsive Policing

Since BPWN believes that every voice counts, all women police working in Bangladesh police at present as well as the retired women officers are considered as member of BWPN.

IAWP Conference

Leadership For Police Women Asia - 1st Asia Region Women Police Conference on Women in Law Enforcement on 2012 organized by BPWN.

Sensitization Workshop

Bangladesh Law Enforcement and HIV Network (LEAHN) and UNAIDS Bangladesh organized Sensitization Workshop with Women Law Enforcers on HIV/AIDS at Telecom Auditorium Rajarbagh, Dhaka.

UN Peacekeeping Mission

Bangladesh Women Police began its participation in CIVPOL/UNPOL mission of UN peacekeeping mission for the first time in 2002. Already Un mission completed by 1326 women police from Bangladesh.

View Exchange Program

105 Girl students from different colleges of Narsingdi and Teachers, Officer in Charges of police stations, female members of Narsingdi district police, media partners along with civil society 45 members also joined in the programmes.