Endeavour of Bangladesh Police paved the way of BPWN to start it's journey back in 2008

Journey of BPWN

journey of BPWN Endeavour of Bangladesh Police paved the way of BPWN to start it's journey back in 2008 in assistance with Police Reform Program. With the employment of 14 women in Bangladesh Police, Women Police started it's journey in 1974.

SL Rank Grade Person
1. Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Grade-3 5
2. Addl. Deputy Inspector General Grade-4 38
3. Superintendent of Police (SP) Grade-5 76
4. Addl. Superintendent of Police Grade-6 110
5. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Grade-9 73
6. Inspector of Police (unarmed) Grade-9 127
7. Sub-Inspector (SI) Grade-10 913
8. Sergent Grade-10 94
9. Assistant Sub-Inspector (AB & UB) Grade-14 1219
10. Naik Grade-15 405
11. Constable Grade-17 13,064
TOTAL (till November 13, 2023) 16,126

Table: Percentage of Lady Officers

Year Number of Female Officers Percentage
Till November 2023 16,126 7.91%
Till August 2021 13,402 7.10%
Till September 2008 2,520 2.21%
At present the percentage of women police among all working police personnel is 7.91% and the percentage of cadre officials is 10.26%.

Figure: 1st recruited Women Police Back in 1974

Women Police in UN Peacekeeping Mission

Starting its journey in CIVPOL back in 2000 Bangladesh women police is contributing with exemplary dedication in Peacekeeping Mission including CIVPOL/UNPOL, Secondment & FPU which has placed them as key driving force in promoting social cohesion in different areas of conflict.

The number of Women Police participating in UN peacekeeping mission is stated below:

Table: Presently deployed Female Peacekeeprs

Mission Category Person
FPU MONUSCO-1 79 138

Table: Total Female Police Peacekeeprs (till 2021)

SL. Mission Category Person
1. FPU 1544
2. IPU/UNPOL/Secondment 80
TOTAL 1624